Bulldog Archery Targets OwnersFor over 20 years we have been shooting bows... and that means at the other end there has always been a target. We love archery, bows, hunting, competing, but have never been crazy about a target. After opening up a pro-shop 17 years ago and selling literally hundreds of thousands of targets of every brand and model we decided that it still was not done properly. In the early hours before the pro-shop opened and the late hours after it closed we tried, tested, tore apart and beat up just about every type of target possible. This led us to design our own target. At first it was only going to be sold to royalty and celebrity hunters because it was too good for the general public.... It really is that good! Late one night as we realized that just about all celebrity hunters and royalty had already owned one we decided that we should release it to the masses. The first phrase that came to mind was..."Release the Hounds!!!!!"  And henceforth the archery population across North America now know us as BULLDOG TARGETS.

Like any dog out there, there will always be cross breeding, and by that we mean constant innovation, and the  continual and relentless pursuit of the perfect breed of targets.