Bulldog Archery Target Testimonials

We would love to receive some feedback from you on our targets! Please take moment to give us your feedback below.

All the feedback on this page is 100% from real customers who have purchased one of our targets and submitted a feedback online. We thank you very much for taking the time to do so!

"I bought the XP because I shoot a crossbow at 350 ibo speed. At 25 yards it stops my bolt cold"

I am very pleased with my new XP bulldog target.

I bought the XP because I shoot a crossbow at 350 ibo speed. At 25 yards it stops my bolt cold.. When I bought my crossbow I test fired it at the dealer it went trough the main target and half way trough the safety target. My bolt only goes in half way in, I shoot a 20in arrow. I can say my Bulldog target is the best for safety and stopping power I have ever seen or used!! Thank you Bulldog Targets..

          Ten Jones

"Best archery target I've seen, I'm hooked!"

I bought the Bulldog FP and Bulldog Pug, haven't tried the pug, but the FP is awesome.

First shot was point blank with 50 pound - 315 fps compound bow, the arrow got half way through the target (4 1/2''). I mainly use 50 pound long bow on it, and the arrows get 2 inch penetration. It's light and manuverable. Best target i've seen, I'm hooked.

Oh ya best customer service i've ever seen, every inquiry through e-mail took them probly 10-30 min to respond, and thats rounding up.

          Andrew Anderson

"Without question, they outlast other targets by months"

I shoot 300-400 arrows every other day at the very least, and these are great targets. Without question, they outlast other targets by months. I love the flat face on my first one. I shot this target months longer than any other target I've shot. I wear block targets out in a month of shooting...highly recommend everyone trying one of these...Well done fellas.

          Ryan Rossing

"Excellent Archery Target.. Beyond expectations"

Started a small archery shop wanted to sell a good flag ship target.. Found it. I received my first Doghouse FP in July of 2009.
Seth told me I would never get and arrow through the target. It was a Doghouse FP Lifetime target.
Well 5000 shots later with an 80lbs bow I got one through it. But I must admit I had to cheat a little. I shot the center dot every day put at least 10 arrows in it. The arrow that went thru was a Victory Nano .198 OD at 302 FPS
Archery can get expensive nice to be able to buy a target you don’t have to worry about and shoot it forever.

          Eric Thomas

"This could be the last target I'll ever have to buy"

This is the best target I have ever shot. It stops arrows just as good at 5 yards as it does at 60 yards. This could be the last target I'll ever have to buy. As far as arrow removal it is easier than the block targets but not as easy as my bag that is now toast. Thank You!!! This is a great target.

       Shane Bryant

"...the lifetime warranty is truly the best deal on the market"

Just want to say these are some awesome targets and the lifetime warranty is truly the best deal on the market. I live in north florida and if you guys had a store around here you would make a killing, i hve been telling alot of people about your products and they caint believe me when I tell them about the warranty untill I show them and they are amazed.

       Kurt Sullivan

"I may have just found that last archery target manufacturer I'll ever need."

I've only had this target a few days but I now have my wife and 5 year old son shooting at it with an old recurve bow. They don't have any trouble with arrow removal. If I shoot at this thing with my Admiral, however, it takes a pretty good tug to get this target to let go. So far I am very satisfied with the quality of this target, and it's arrow stopping capabilities. If it can hold up to our Texas weather, and loosen up just a little to let me get my arrows out easier, I may have just found that last archery target manufacturer I'll ever need. Thanks Bulldog!

       Clay Boone

"...it's the best target I have ever owned."

I have a bull dog fp and love this target. I am shooting over the 300 fps and have shot so many arrows at this target you cannot see the dots any more and all without a pass thru. I just sent for a new face its the best target I have ever owned. No one is taking this thing and it looks like my 6yr old will get plenty of use out of it to. thanks

       Scott Anderson

"Service has been fantastic and the target has lived up to the claims"

I am an avid traditional archer that shoots at least four times a week (three hours each session). I have tried just about every target on the market and found your Field Point Model to be the best I have ever used. Service has been fantastic and the target has lived up to the claims made by Bulldog. The onlt part of the target that has worn out is the facing. I was pleasantly suprised to see that the company offers free replacement covers as long as you own the original target. This will be the only target I ever purchase!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

       Ron Michalec
       Avid Traditional Archer
       Medina, Ohio

Dear Bulldog Targets,

We received our Bulldog today and my son went to work on it right away.

He sat on a bale 3 feet away from your target, and shot one arrow after another into the same hole. After more than an hour, and several dozen arrows, he was able to get the tip of his arrow to come out the back side, but just barely. That's our test.

Connor announced your target has won his stamp of approval. Connor tested - Connor approved.

Connor is on the US Archery Men's Compound Team for 2009. He was ranked #1 Junior, has 2 world records, was on the US Team that won the gold in the World Championships in Turkey. Connor also is a bow technician, and a senior in high school. He is 17.

He has tested all the targets we ordered to try for our new shop the same way: Morrell, Spyderweb, Pacific Butts, Block, and Excelsior. Every other target failed miserably.

We are very excited we have discovered Bulldogs for our shop, and look forward to talking to you about your products. We think they are awesome.

       In gratitude,
       Laura Kelly

"I have been very pleased with all aspects from target to customer service"

I do a good bit of shooting and I bought the Doghouse XP about 4 months ago and love it. Arrow removal is fairly easy.... not as easy as a bag target but nowhere near a Block or 3d and the more you shoot it, it kinda "breaks in". One of the best things is the lifetime warranty! With my set-up in my signature I get about 5-6 inches of penetration at 20 yards and about the same from point blank range doing walk back tuning. It also seems to be very weather resistant and fine to leave outdoors. I contacted the company twice by e-mail, once about changing the shipping address before it shipped and once about leaving it outside and something else (can't remember) and each time they responded promptly and actually requested my cell phone # which they used to call me the same day and answer all of my questions. I have been very pleased with all aspects from target to customer service. Hope this helps, they seem to be a great company

"Bulldog Targets!!!!!!! Great Service!!"

I just bought one of bulldogs warranty for life targets, I was having a problem with it. I called bulldog and they just sent me a brand new one free of charge and let me keep the other one. The whole phone call lasted maybe 2 min? Now thats service on another level if u ask me.

I still can't believe the service these guys gave me. I was really expecting one of thoes "thats imposible, it never happend b4" Give me 36 pictures of every angle of the target and maybe after 2 months of calling us, send your target at your expence and we will ship you a new one at your expence.

Thanks BullDog Targets, for making a great target at a great price. If you have not tried a BullDog Target yet, do it.

       Dave Thomas
       BowHunterPlanet.com ProStaff